Thrifting Thursday 1-23-14 In Which I Discuss How Thrifting, Cancer, A Military Lifestyle and Friendship Combine...

It's no secret that I'm a US Navy wife. For the most part I love our lifestyle and the things that this type of life brings along as baggage.  We've moved a lot, at least 8 times in 20 years. I'm actually quite good at it now. [Did I mention I also grew up moving, 3 different high schools, yada, yada, yada~ so really, it's in my blood. Not sure how I'll react when it's finally our 'forever' house... but I digress]

We've seen a lot and been so many cool places. Of course, we've met so many cool people and made great friends along the way.  The friendships are what make it all worth it.  You know that kind of person, the one that for what ever reason [duty station, time zone, busy life, blah, blah, blah..] you haven't spoken to in a few years, but when you do pick up the phone it's just like it was yesterday. You jump right in without skipping a beat and the laughs come easy and those years just slip away in an instant... and although your kids grew up and your husbands rank promoted and you might be a little grayer~ YOU TWO are just the same.  I am blessed to have a few of those friends :-D

So fast forward a bit.  
Once upon a time the word CANCER was whispered. "He's got cancer" people would say. It was something your grandparents got and died from.  As the years went on... it was something your parents or parents friends got and maybe it wasn't whispered, or hidden away so much and the treatments were very hard but some people survived.  
Now, I'm 50 and it's my friends that are getting CANCER. We don't whisper it, we GRAB it and KICK IT'S A$$! We FIGHT it and more importantly ~ WE WIN, and we don't just survive, we LIVE.
I have a friend, who I met a few years ago on a duty station in a place so far away that your friends become your family.  We shared holidays, watched each others kids, drank more than a few Malibu daiquiri's together and became dear friends.  Then just like every other time we all moved away.  Because this friend's family was in another branch of the service, the chances of being stationed near each other ever again were non-existant.  Thanks to Christmas newsletters, birthday cards and the tool of FaceBook, we kept in touch a little....Shocked at how big their kids were getting, congrats to your hubby on his promotion, Happy Birthday to you sort of stuff. 

So in the fall I was saddened to hear that this friend, had discovered she had breast cancer. It was a total surprise.  When you hear that kind of news and you are far away prayer is the most you can do. She has become my main rosary intention for several months now.  
But still, as mothers, 'fixers' and 'doers' it's hard not to want to DO something for your friend.
I wanted to send my friend a gift, something funny, light hearted, but supportive and strong too.  I had some ideas, I searched high and low...but couldn't find the right thing. 

Well, this friend, a Texas gal, always referred to herself as a "Mexican Fighting Chicken" and that's just what she is. 

Beautiful, stylish, tough, feisty and a fighter.  

I knew I needed something to convey that.
I had been all over town, searching for the right thing. Then I stumbled across it in of all places.... a thrift shop.  Pewter rooster wind Chimes.
I wanted these to have a message, So I disassembled the chime and I stamped the backs with my metal tools.  
Cancer Sucks, Kick it, Fight, Courage, Just do it and Love you were the phrases I chose.

 To show my support for her breast cancer battle, I wanted them to be pink. So I painted the fronts with Ranger Patina ink and aged with a black wash, then sealed with Krylon for durability, it needs to hang outdoors after all.
Silly me, no picture of the final product.

I sent them off and recently heard from my friend that she loves it.
I am still praying daily.
Be strong my friend .
I love you.
~ Tam


  1. What a beautiful and well-chosen gift, Tammie... how can your friend help but be cheered by these irrepressible pink roosters?

  2. Great gift for your friend--thoughtful and special!


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