Thrifting Thursday 1-16-14 Display Spinner??

Hello Thrifters' ~ 
While walking my dogs last week I 'rescued' this coffee spinner from the next cul-de-sac over and prevented it from going to the landfill 
[much to my families dismay, don't worry... nobody SAW me]
After a spin through the dishwasher it's as good as new.  
Now to play with it and figure out how to use it to display things in a 'classy' way.  
I bought an earring spinner back in the fall for $30. It works fine, but it's pretty fragile.  
I'd like to have a back up, or maybe use it to display pendants.  

Thanks for stopping by~
Have a great weekend-


  1. Funny, the first time I saw these in store, this is what I thought of, too, Tammie! I would paint the sucker so it's not so industrial.

    wonder if they threw it out because those one-cup systems aren't such a great thing in SOOOO many ways?


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