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  Welcome to the Anklet blog hop hosted by Kashmira Patel. When I signed up several months ago I thought this was such a cute idea and would be a snap. Come to find out life gets in the way and sometimes the creative muses takes a vacation.  Our family adopted a puppy 4 weeks ago today and I have been spending virtually every waking moment in some form of training [or clean up ].
   I decided a few days ago to get my act together and come up with my piece. I used lightweight stainless steel chain and hand wrapped AB snowflake beads, aubergine tear drop crystals and silver plated texture beads with a lobster claw clasp.  It was a challenge to keep it both light weight and comfortable.
I like it, but I am not impressed with myself ~ the inspiration on my part seems lacking. I was really hoping for something stellar. However, my model likes it quite a bit and has decided to keep it for her summer wardrobe. 

Check out POLYVORE to see how I made it into a cute summer set. This is how I would wear it.
Polyvore set by TTE Designs

** Also**  Today [Saturday June 1] is the last day to enter my 'Blog-I-versary' 
Give Away. The post for that is here>>  Feel free to enter. Good Luck!

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  1. Love the dangles :) sometimes, simple is best.. this would be great with a pair of jean shorts and a tank, or a sun dress! I've never be to polyvore to figure out how to work it, so...I kinda forgot that part things >.< lol

  2. Dainty and dangley...I think it's a perfect summer design! :) Plus the AB snowflakes will help cool the summer heat!

  3. I often find the pieces I'm not very impressed with turn out to be a favorite of someone dear to me. Glad this one was for you.

  4. Love your design, Tammie... I know for me I always do better to keep things simple (I tend to get overwhelmed by too much "design" LOL) I like the outfit you chose for Polyvore, too. I have turned into a purple-lover (Shelley's fault). Your anklet is the type of design I would choose to wear myself if I were brave enough to bare my ankles!!

  5. Love the sparkles and movement in this anklet! What a fun piece of foot candy for summertime.


  6. I think your lovely charm anklet looks like a lot fun to wear and I can see why it was snapped up.
    Great job!

  7. I really like the idea of a charm style ankle bracelet...this turned out really cute!

  8. This is so cute. Reminds me of a charm bracelet like Cheri said, but for the ankle. The colors are so dainty looking. Butnlooks like it would just swing/sway with your every step. Too cute.

  9. I love how the pieces dangle, I picture them moving ever so gently as the wearer moves. I can see why your model likes it. You did a fine job.

  10. That is so cute! And versatile because of the different elements in could wear it with a few different colors. Love the polyvore too!

    Don't be so hard on yourself...sometimes simple designs are the best! Thanks much for joining us, hope you're having a ton of fun with the new pup :)

  11. Tammy, you did a great job! Life gets in the way for all of us from time to time but - heh- you overcame it! I love the dainty chain & crystals. The little dangles!!!!!

  12. congrats again on the blogiversary... I love the cute and simple desing of yours. I def could wear this on the beach and not worry about it falling off. Love it.

  13. I really like the design, it's both cute and flattering, and looks like it is easy to wear. Great job!
    Gina H

  14. ha! my model walked off with my piece too! and I can see why - what a lovely piece this is! love all the charms!

  15. Very pretty! You know it's a hit when the model keeps the jewelry! :)

  16. I don't think your inspiration was lacking at all. Your anklet is delicate, feminine, and looks comfortable and attractive. I believe your model agrees with me! ;)

  17. I think your design was indeed "stellar"! It's gorgeous, and impressive. LOVE that you created such a beautiful design AND took great care of a new puppy! You are awesome! ;) Enjoy (or may your model, daughter?, enjoy) wearing your anklet this summer!


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