Thursday, November 30, 2017

Thrifting Thursday 11/30/17 & What's New in My Inventory

Hello Friends,
Here's what's new at TTE.
I've been in full gear for the holidays with the last 3 shows of 2017 next week. After that I am happy to be taking a month or so off to enjoy the season.
Enjoy the photos below, some great finds, new work and my daughters attempt to get me a new head shot for business pages.
Thanks for stopping by

Hit the "TIN JACKPOT" while visiting my family in Alabama over Thanksgiving
Made this nifty ring holder after watching a you tube video. Hot glue, foam rollers, fabric and a little tin tray - Easy peasy!
Christmas is right around the corner

New line of vintage tin hair accessories 

Matching vintage tin dainty earrings and rings 

"TTE Designs for Him",  vintage tin cufflinks

Vintage tin and jeweler's resin in a bezel setting

Vintage tin in a lacy bezel setting

My daughter the photographer, trying to get me some better head shots :-)

Monday, October 16, 2017

"The Beaches Art Fest" 2017

???????????????????????????????I am pretty new to the FL art scene having lived here just over a year, but I want to share a quick post about THE BEACHES ART FEST in Jacksonville Beach, FL.
I have Participated in the spring show put on by the Holiday Art Show promotion team. Lynn Wettach, the organizer is very warm and supportive person who really seems to care about her artists and the event that she is running. 
The Beaches Art Fest is a relatively new event as I understand it, only in its fourth year in 2017  and previously only a one-day show so this was the first time it was a two day event.
Load in and load out were very easy, as you could drive right up to your space. Of course it is always a bit of a jumble with everyone trying to come in and out at the same time but in our case it was very smooth and trouble free.

The show takes place on a street which abuts The Beaches Historical  Park and Museum. This is a very nice facility clean, well-maintained and obviously a valuable part of this community. It was nice to have access to clean restrooms which were very conveniently located.

Sales on Saturday were steady and I saw many people carrying packages and framed art. The crowds were not huge but they were definitely there to buy. The Sunday crowds however were reduced by at least 2/3. Could  be the weather a factor as it was very, very hot. Also it may be that people did not realize it was now two days and just did not come out that way. 

Every thing about the show is nice and well managed is a very good event that has the potential to be a really great event. The artist amenities are good from a nice breakfast provided, coffee/ water and juice available,  restrooms very close by and a caring staff. 
Image result for navy lodge mayportThis was just the second time I had done a "sleepover"  show out of town. My husband is in the US Navy  and so we took advantage of staying on base at the Navy Lodge Hotel in Mayport about 10 miles north from the show site. We had a very nice renovated room overlooking the beach w/ breakfast for cost of only $85 a night. Very important when you are on a budget. 
I realize not everyone has that access to base. There were hotels suggested by the show management I believe a Hampton Inn nearby and I know other artists stayed at the Red Roof Inn in the area and seem to feel that was reasonable too.
Image result for jacksonville beach fl green room Image result for jacksonville beach fl blind rabbit
This show is in a neat little area just a couple blocks from the ocean in Jacksonville Beach Florida. Lots of delicious restaurants there.  We had dinner at the "Blind Rabbit" just two blocks from the show on Friday night after we set up--- delicious! We also spent a bit of time at the Green Room brew house on the main drag , also just 2 blocks away , enjoying their craft beers. Dinner on Saturday was Mellow Mushroom [always yummy!] about 2 miles away as we got a pizza to go so we could get back to our room to watch college football that night. 
All in all we had a good show and also a good weekend away . That is a win in my book. 
 My set up

 The Sunrise view of the ocean from our balcony

Monday, August 21, 2017

Resin Pour Art 8/21/17

Greetings Friends 
Sorry for the long absence from blogging~ There are only so many hours in a day and I find that these days social media takes up most of my computer time. 
Regardless of that I am very excited to share my recent foray into resin poured art. 
Last December I participated in an event and was positioned near a lady who made amazing resin poured oceanscapes. I was mesmerized by them and began following her on social media. I also saw her at a few more events and continued to be enthralled by her work. So, fast forward a bit, and I decide to try my hand at this technique.  I watched a ton of youtube videos and read blog posts about it, checked Pinterest pages and stalked resin websites until I felt ready.  I've used resin for several years with jewelry making so I understood the basic concepts well. Below I've made a series of collages that show my steps. The collage doesn't show any sanding or final finishing as I am still working on that and it may be another blog post soon.  Without further ado...

Supplies: Canvas boards, two part resin, acrylic paints, alcohol ink, glitter, cups, heat gun/micro torch, stir sticks, straw, knitting needle, painters tape, gloves, garbage bag, and a support of some sort [hence the egg tray which ended up being too uneven]

Egg tray in a big plastic bin lined with garbage bag, level and painters taped edges for one technique where resin is not allowed to drip off

Ended up using yogurt cups and cardboard shims to make the canvas level, taped edges 

Measure equal parts A&B , stir 2 minutes per manufactures directions, portion out resin, add drops of paint and ink to tint.

Stir in colorants. Begin adding resin to canvas as desired

More resin, then tilting of the entire canvas, knitting needle and straw blowing air to move resin into interesting patterns. When satisfied with design, use torch or heat gun to pop bubbles on the surface

Allow to sit under cover [to keep dust out of the piece ] & level for 24 hours undisturbed
Second canvas, 'Dirty Pour' method with remaining resin. Layer remaining resin into a single cup. place the canvas on top and flip cup over into your protected plastic bin. Lift cup and allow puddle to spread. Again using straw, tilting and needle to move the resin. I kept some white resin out and added more on top of the dirty pour for depth.

Again, allow to rest while covered for 24 hours.

Dirty Pour with dripping edges on the left /Controlled dripping with taped border on the right
For a first attempt, I am pretty happy with these first two. It has  sparked so many ideas for me. I have done a second batch which I will blog about soon and I have already bought more materials for a 3rd and 4th round.
Thanks for reading today. I hope you'll check back soon,
Warm Regards, 

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A Charitable Project 2017

Hello Dear Readers,

 As a military US Navy wife, it was a 'no-brainer' for me to choose as my philanthropic charity. ] 
TAPS is the very best organization; you hope you'll never need. Yet each year more members are added to their roster. 
  Their mission statement from the website explains it best: The Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS) offers compassionate care to all those grieving the death of a loved one serving in our Armed Forces. Since 1994, TAPS has provided comfort and hope 24 hours a day, seven days a week through a national peer support network and connection to grief resources, all at no cost to surviving families and loved ones.
 I had heard of this group for years, but came to know more about it 10+ years ago, after my husbands US Navy Helicopter squadron HSC-25 in Guam lost a service member while on a training mission. I saw how quickly they jumped in a supported the widow in a way most of us could not. They helped to ease her suffering, and gave her the guidance and support that she needed at a terrible time.  From then on, they have held a special place in my esteem.
  I immediately went to work and settled on a simple anchor pendant for several reasons. As a Navy wife, the anchor symbol is a common denominator in our nautical life. The anchor however, also has deeper symbolism which is also appropriate for this charity. 
 From the online encyclopedia New The anchor, because of the great importance in navigation, was regarded in ancient times as a symbol of safety. The Christians therefore, in adopting the anchor as a symbol of hope in future existence, merely gave a new and higher signification to a familiar emblem. In the teachings of Christianity the virtue of hope occupies a place of great importance; Christ is the unfailing hope of all who believe in Him. St. Peter,St. Paul, and several of the early Fathers speak in this sense, but the Epistle to the Hebrews for the first time connects the idea of hope with the symbol of the anchor. The writers says that we have "Hope" set before us "as an anchor of the soul, sure and firm" [Hebrews 6:19-20].

 So with all this, I am pleased to offer a selection of up-cycled vintage tin anchor pendants on an 18in silver tone chain with lobster clasp. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these will be donated directly to The pendants are $20 

I hope you will consider supporting this worthy organization with a purchase or your own private donation. You have heard the saying 'All gave some, but some gave all." Let us all continue our support of those who gave more than they ever thought they would.

Warm Regards,

Monday, April 24, 2017

4/24/17 'Brain Dump' What I'm Doing, Seeing, and Acquiring...

Playing with some large gauge copper wire

Hi Friends
This is a picture heavy post as I use them to explain what is on my mind in the last week or so!

Two weeks ago at my St. Augustine, FL show I had a great show and consequently sold out of many things. [A very good problem to have by the way!]
So I got busy making for both my next event and more pieces for the Sojourn Artisan Market that I wholesale to.  The turquoise oval piece above came together easily. I often take stone beads with me to shows and work wire wrapping them in-between customers. I had finished these ovals a while back and knew I wanted to create a coordinating pendant in copper. I also made the clasp with a cool resin technique to match.


  I also needed to make a few new belt leather cuffs. I love this colorful belt from Costa Rica and the patina beach creatures are a perennial favorite among my customer base.

  Next on the list was to share- the awesome Stanley brand aviation tin snips I purchased. 
  I adore my fine metal shears, but I felt like there should be an better tool for the basic deconstruction of the tins. I have found it here! These cut like butter through the tin, but they are rough cuts and so it gets through the metal fast and makes it easy to clean it up with the fine shears. They are spring loaded too, so easy on the hands....Well worth the $15. 

Next on the show and tell are a pile of awesome tins I got for free! 
You may know that I volunteer at my churches thrift shop. Last week they were purging and reorganizing and were about to throw out these Christmas tins. As you can imagine I scooped them up ASAP. :-)

The Lenox tin is especially pretty!!

Last, but not least I was a first time participant in the Port Orange Art Fest. 
This show is two days and just 5 miles from my house in the city center of PO.

There was good and bad about this event. 
The good: 
Pretty park venue
Nice to be on asphalt and not dirt or grass
Close to restrooms
Easy load in and out
Good food vendors
Saturday was in conjunction with a Jazz fest so there was good foot traffic and nice music all day
Fairly well organized
Had a piece selected for judging!
Sunday's musical a cappella group was great entertainment

The Bad:
A new organizer this year. They were not terrible by any means, but I think there were some definite 'growing pains' as they took over the reins. Lack of advertising, maybe???
Poor foot traffic with very few sales on Sunday! This was pretty awful. In reality this could almost be considered a one day event. 

A pano from my tent showing the juried artists
The piece chosen for jurying, not my favorite by any means, but  hey art is subjective after all!

 The only good thing about lots of down time at a show is that I ALWAYS take work with me just in case. So I had the chance to cut and file a lot of discs, make some pendants and do some small project planning as you see above.

Well that's it for now. I feet so much better getting all that off my mind. Now on to the week. Hope yours is a good one! Thanks for stopping by~
Warm Regards

Monday, April 17, 2017

Sojourn Artisan Market 2017

Hello Friends~
A few weeks ago, I was approached by a young lady, named Acara that I have become friends with while doing shows in Virginia.  She is also a jewelry maker and does a very successful line of copper enameled washer jewelry. 

She was interested in developing the concept for a line of handmade artisan jewelry by multiple artists that would be sold in a collective setting. Similar to direct marketing in that these shows and events could be held in peoples homes, public events or in more traditional art show venues, but different in that all the pieces are handmade by artists and not mass produced in huge quantities.

After some thought I decided to give it a try.            
I came up with a few limited edition runs and also did a grouping of my one of a kind tin pieces.
A few wire bangles I had on hand rounded out the initial offering.
So far, through Acara's hard work things are beginning to pay off.  She has begun to employ reps who also sell and promote the concept and the events are becoming more numerous. 
I am grateful for the opportunity. Since moving to FL last summer I have been slowly rebuilding my business and this fledgling enterprise is one of those baby steps. 
Please check out the website and if you are interested in becoming a participating artist, a rep or hosting an event, let us know! 

Copper embossed pieces in progress

Repurposed, embossed & patinated tin
Project board- pieces in production with a template and description card for each

Copper embossed