Wednesday, January 11, 2017

1/11/17 "About My Personality and Values"

Hello Friends~ 
  As I recommit to blogging more regularly in 2017 I decided to use a '30 Day Blog Challenge' list as a prompting tool. The third entry according to the list is "About My Personality and Values".  So, if you are a regular reader let's see if there's something new you didn't know and if you are new to the blog, welcome! 

Wow, this is a pretty tough post. How does a person sum themselves up in a sentence or two?

As to my personality, well I have strengths & positives and flaws & negatives like everyone else. 
Here is my take on it. 

Strengths: patriotic, devout, fiercely loyal, tender-hearted, rule follower, funny, self deprecating

Flaws: stubborn, tremendous self doubt, lazy, fear of new situations, procrastination, easily distracted , negative thoughts, [I'm sure there are more, but ouch....I feel like I've gone to confession]

Values, well here are some things I feel very strongly about:
Taking personal responsibility .....for good and especially for bad things that happen
Sense of humor

A picture from winter 2016  in Virginia 

I appreciate any comments you have.
Thanks for stopping by, it means so much to me.
Have a great rest of the week!!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Ten Facts About Me 1/9/17

Hello Friends~ 
  As I recommit to blogging more regularly in 2017 I decided to use a '30 Day Blog Challenge' list as a prompting tool. The second entry according to the list is "10 Facts About Me".  So, if you are a regular reader let's see if there's something new you didn't know and if you are new to the blog, welcome! 

Hi Friends
Today's blogging prompt is 10 Facts About Me.  Without further ado....

Me, scrunching... and still towering over people

#1  I am 6'3" [No, I don't play basketball, I did in HS, but that was 1,000 years ago]

#2  I am a US Navy wife. [23 years and counting, a tough gig, but he's worth it!]

#3  I am a mom to 2 young adults. [ I always wanted to be a mom, I'm blessed I got the chance to be]

#4  I LOVE dogs.  [Sometimes they are a pain, but I can't imagine not having my buddies around]

#5  I've moved a lot [Some are KS, IL, OK, TX, NCx2, SC, NC, VA, FL, CA, VAx2, Guam, VAx2, FL]
#6  I've traveled to  Canada, Mexico, England, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Japan, Australia

#7  I love being creative and artsy. [It's a hobby that took on a life of it's own!]

#8  I'm Christian and a convert to Catholicism. [ Not always easy, but the right path for me]

#9  I'm crazy about historical biographies and fictional period dramas. [My husband says 'Not another book about the wives of Henry the 8th']

#10 I'm tickled to death that people actually read this blog and follow me at my online venues!
Thanks so much!

Have a great week~
Warm Regards,  

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

An Introduction 1/4/16

Hello Friends~ 
  As I recommit to blogging more regularly in 2017 I decided to use a '30 Day Blog Challenge' list as a prompting tool.
The first entry should be an "Introduction" according to the list. Now, it may seem a bit silly since I've had this blog since May of 2012 but, I'm a rule follower so off we go.....

  My name is Tammie. I'm a US Navy wife, a mother to 2 awesome college kids, a 'dog mom' to 2 crazy boxers and an artist who enjoys tinkering with mixed medium jewelry.

We moved to Florida six months ago for my husband's job and I'll admit, it's been quite a challenge.               
It's the first time in many years of moving where we don't know a soul and we're empty nesters now too, so it's a double whammy.  I do like some 'alone' time to work in the studio, but I also enjoy being with people. So I have started volunteering at my parish thrift shop and am making a concerted effort to get together socially with the couple gals I've recently met.  
It all just takes time and I'm not always patient.

Also, with the new year I'm hoping to make some new business and personal goals which I will talk about here on the blog throughout the year.
If you're curious about my original 'first entry' back in 2012 here's the link:
I went back and had a look myself. I watched the little video I made with what was then, 'new work'. So funny to see how the creating evolves over 5 years. 

Thanks for stopping by, :-)
Warm Regards,

A free printable for you to color 

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year - January 1, 2017 Recommitted!

Hello Friends~ 2017, how did you get here so FAST!   
  I'm taking this opportunity to recommit to more frequent blogging. Looking back, I know I said the same thing last year, but this time I have some tools to get me solidly back in the groove. I printed off a list of prompts to help me get in the groove. Realistically, I won't be blogging daily, so these are good ideas for the first few weeks.

  I am a fan of Heather Powers of Humblebeads fame. She does a weekly bead table Wednesday on her Facebook VIP group and gives tips and advice on how she runs her creative business. I listen to her posts much like a podcast. Last week she talked about goals and how to make time for all that your business requires. Like Heather I prefer not to make new year resolutions, I like to set goals. I feel like that is a more realistic way to achieve what you want to accomplish.
I sat and reflected and decided to sketch out a flow sheet of big ideas. It needs more specifics and more refining but it's a start.
 I chose to divide things into 4 main categories; business, art, mind/body/spiritual & other for the random stuff.
I won't bore you, you can see them here for yourself....

Lastly, in the interest of doing something creative most every day,  I am pursuing my interest in Zentangles and so I did a small one yesterday while watching football bowl games with the family. Not bad for a first try. I also started a Pinterest board for inspiration.
The nice thing about doing these is you only need pen and paper.
I hope you'll check back soon. Thanks so much for reading. I appreciate your comments!
Warm Regards,

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving Thursday 2016

Dear Friends
For the last few years we have traveled to my parents house in Alabama for the holiday. We always make a pilgrimage to shop for GameDay gear prior to the Iron Bowl and my 'black Friday' shopping consists of hitting Gadsden thrift shops- this year will be no different. :-D
To you and yours, I send our best wishes for a safe, happy and blessed Thanksgiving from TTE Designs. 

Free shipping now in my TTE Etsy shop through 12/6/2016, just enter the code FREESHIP2016 
at checkout.  I will be adding new items daily from now through the holiday season 
so check back often to see what's new. 
**If you are looking for anything special that you don't see in the shop, message me and I will be happy to add it in for you!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Moving TTE Designs to Another State

Hello Friends~
  Another Thursday is here and today I want to talk about moving my business to another state. Let me start by saying, I never set out to have a real legit business as an artist. I was just a girl who like to make things, and not really savvy about business dealings at all. As my desire to sell my art [online but mostly at craft fairs] increased so did the realization that I would have to evolve. 
  Nicer shows and events require you to have insurance and to collect and pay sales tax. Frankly, nicer events are more lucrative. You truly do get what you pay for, shelling out big$ for a juried show reaps nice rewards.
  So, in Virginia, I had the advice of a few friends and found a great accountant who works with tiny businesses. She helped me navigate the roads so to speak and get all set up. I went to the Chesapeake city court house, paid a small fee and "voila'" I was set. 

  Now fast forward two years. Like so many other active duty military wives I moved with my husband to a new state for his career. Also like so many other wives, I wanted to continue my 'career' as well. I set out to reestablish myself and found that Florida has some very different rules about becoming 'real'. In addition to the usual registrations, one of the required steps is to place an ad in your local paper stating your intention to use a 'fictitious name'- this little blurb is $75~ Ouch! 

Now that this has posted I can continue the other steps toward being legal.  Sadly, for me I am probably doing all this the hard way because I am doing it by trail and error. I know it will eventually get done, but it's a challenge and no where near as fun as creating.  

My ZApplication  interest list
The next step it to find and apply to shows. Here too, Florida seems different. There are LOTS of big events, but less of the smaller & mid-size shows I like to do too. I have started to reach out quite a bit and even for shows where I have missed the deadline, I have asked to be put on mailing lists for next year. 
ZApplication is a good resource as well as Greg Lawler's Art Fair Source Book and I have paid for a short term subscription to 'Where the Shows Are' to help me in my search. 

I was excited for last weekend. I did my first FL event. I applied just days after we moved in because the deadline was so far out. I was pleased to be an artist at the Halifax Art Festival November 5&6, 2016.  Since it was totally new to me I applied in the less rigorous Crafter category to feel it out and to increase my change of acceptance.  Unfortunately my location was not good and my sales were low because of it. I am not totally discouraged though, and if I apply next year I will insist on being on the main drag and not off on an after thought  side street. 

Above are some pics of the mock ups I have been staging my garage. I am planning to do a 75% vertical display in my tent this time out. This will allow for more room for customers to move around and see my work. 
And here are the pics taken on site.  I like the spaciousness of the vertical, not sure how I feel about the look of it in action. Being super windy that weekend didn't help, as everything shook all day.

 Not having done a show since April had me feeling rusty. Thank goodness for checklists! I don't have another event for a few weeks so, I'll be headed back to the drawing board. 
Have a great week and I'll see you soon
~ Tammie 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Thrifting Thursday 10/20/2016 'Repurposed Photo Frame and DIY Show Tent Weights'

Greetings Friends & Happy Thrifting Thursday!
You may recall that I purchased these two hollow center lidded 'picture frames' from our parish charity shop a few weeks ago. I thought they might make a unique display for my jewelry with a little tweak.

They had two variations for display. First was a traditional mat and glass configuration, second was a series of photo flaps that could be inserted and was attached to solid black panel as seen above.
Showing the grooves where the panels fit

Quick shot showing it in action
For this project I used some of my trusty burlap [which I always seem to have on hand], black duct tape, two sided foam tape and two clear push pins.  I used the black frame panel as a template and cut the burlap just a bit larger. The panel had to fit back into the grooves inside the frame so I needed to keep any extra fabric bulk to a minimum. A quick minute later and the burlap was attached tautly to the frame and slid back into the base. I them measured equal distance and carefully tapped in two pushpins. Lastly, I used two pieces of two sided foam tape and secured the lid to the box. It had some small magnets but for transporting to show I wanted it secure. 
Now it will make a unique focal display for a statement piece. 

My other weekend project was to convince my husband to help me make some new tent weights for out door shows. I had some gigantic weights which we had to leave behind when we moved this summer. These are substantially smaller, but also A LOT easier to move. 4 small buckets, 4 eye bolts, some wire to hold it from sinking, and two bags of concrete later..... There are no pictures during construction because, well it was a mess, haha!  I will use these attached to ratchet straps from the tent frame. I also have some zipper sand bags that wrap around the tent legs and 4 barbells that sit on the metal flaps that encircle the tent legs. All in all it should be about 50-60# per leg.
I am doing my first FL event in a few weeks and if I have any financial success I am planning to buy some Sta-Bars for my tent which will also make it more sturdy in windy weather.
Not pretty, but pretty heavy!

There you have it. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week and I'll see you back here next week!
Warm Regards,
Tammie :-)

Thursday, October 13, 2016

"Thrifting Thursday" +bonus "What I Worked on Wednesday" 10/13/16

 Hello Friends~
  In last weeks post I shared about these $5 headboard finds at my church's thrift store. In spite of evacuating out of town for a few days due to Hurricane Matthew I was able to get these painted and placed in the guest room. 
We had planned to put up our hurricane shutters and ride out the storm, but by late morning on Thursday the news had us more than a little concerned and so we finished up the shutters and made a quick command decision to bug out to my parents house in Alabama.  
  What should be a 8.5-9 hour drive took about 11+ hours just because of the volume of traffic and some of the first bands of rain from the storm.  We returned home on Sunday and were relieved to see that we personally had almost no damage. The shutters held fast and we only had some debris in the yard,  a few young trees bent over, palm fronds torn off and lost the plastic cover to our utility box, which we found in the field next door. Sadly, many tens of thousands of people in our local area,  the Caribbean and up the eastern US were not so lucky. Please continue to pray for them and donate if you are able to worthy charities that can help. 

 So here is one of the painted headboards. It took two generous coats and a third light one for a few touch up spots, but I am really happy with the way they turned out.  
Now to be patient while it drys
Detail of the bamboo and faux caning look 

Here they are installed on the xl twin beds in my guest room. Of course now I'm thinking I need to paint the wash stand night table to a white too. Still a work in progress as I need to decorate the room.

So,  for "What I Worked on Wednesday" ~
  Yesterday I marked out a 10x10' square in my garage and set about planning my new 'mostly vertical' outdoor display. I have my first Florida event coming up November 5 & 6 and I want to be prepared.
  I am trying to move towards a display that leaves shoppers lots of room to move about in my tent. More of a 'gallery style' setting if you will.  I recently purchased some white grid walls which I plan to hang from the sides of my tent and then apply the various frames and displays. I liked adding some posters of my work to attract customers. Unlike large art, jewelry needs some help to be seen from outside the tent. Adding posters helps draw people in for a closer look. I also have a 4' long banner for the back wall of the tent which has pictures and my logo. 
  It's a constant work in progress. I also want to try to do this on a budget since I haven't had a show in the several months since moving to FL and consequently not bringing much income. 

So far this is my preferred configuration
Table will be at the rear to hold earring spinners and other items

Trying other arrangements [Not my favorite]
 I appreciate you stopping by and letting me bounce some ideas off you. I would appreciate any comments or suggestions.
Have a great week.
~ Warm Regards,

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Thrifting Thursday on Wednesday & Hurricane Matthew Prep 10/5/2016

Hello Friends! 
Welcome to another installment of Thrifting Thursday [written on Wednesday this week]. 
Today's post is somewhat unusual and you will see why as you read along.

  Working as a volunteer at our church's thrift shop is a lot of fun and a great way to see items that I might 'need' along the way. Above you seen a beautiful tin I picked up for $1. Nice lilacs on a black background and some pretty script and a flower on the lid. As you can see I got a little a head of myself in the picture taking department for that one. Sometimes I'm so excited, I have to dive right in.

  Next up are two twin headboards. I wasn't really in the market for headboards per se, but our guest room is two twins and so when I saw these gems at $5 each I had to snap them up. They are not solid wood and they are a weird yellow color, but the 'bamboo' & 'rattan' theme is sort of tropical and beachy so, I think they will look great once they are painted and installed.  
I am trying a new paint this time out. In the past I had used "At Home by Amy Howard", a mineral paint and liked it very much. But since I no longer live near my friend Shari at 'Refreshed ' in Chesapeake, VA I have to resort to something else. 
  This Valspar is a furniture paint and seems to be similar concept, in that there is minimal prep and easy water clean up. These headboards are going to be a simple white so hopefully it will be a no brainer. I will post pics when they are done. 

 And now for an explanation of why I won't be painting headboards or working out in my studio too much for the next couple of days, Hurricane Matthew is heading our way!

  Here is a funny meme I put on my Facebook page yesterday evening. As a girl who went to college in Wilmington, NC and married a Naval officer [we almost always live near an ocean] I am pretty good at storm prep. My first 'cane was Gloria in 1985. I remember the radio station played Gloria every 15 minutes for two days it was crazy! I still think of that when I hear that song > [] 
But I digress.....
We keep a cupboard of staple supplies like water, candles and batteries and don't dilly dally when it comes to shopping early for replenishment storm prep supplies, like canned foods, ice, gasoline and beer. 
  The good news is that our new house came with a series of aluminum storm shutters. The bad news is they are stored against the wall out in my studio. The one dilemma I had when setting up my shop was how to position things so that we had easy access when needed.  So although it looks crazy now... It only took me about 15 minutes to clear the way. 


Since it was the first time we were installing these on our new house I convinced my husband we should start on Tuesday evening.  He did the lions share of it and was able to get 2/3 of the house covered in about 2.5 hours.  Just as well because it makes the house pretty dark inside.  We will finish the rest of it this afternoon [Wednesday] to be ready as things progress Thursday & Friday.  
  Interestingly, I have several of my outdoor show items prepped and set aside as storm aids. Including my portable generator, my LED display lights [bright light with little energy draw], my battery powered fans and portable phone chargers, all ready to pitch in should we need them.  Fingers crossed for minimal damage. 
Thanks for stopping by today- Hopefully we'll see you next week!