Thrifty Thursday 12/6/12

 Recently I was on the Norfolk Naval Base and went to the thrift shop there. It was my first time and I was not disappointed. There was a lot to see but I left there with 4 pounds [I weighed it when I got home] of baubles & bits for less than $20.  The best find of that day was a bag of stuff for $4.  Broken, mismatched odds & ends.
There were a few Christmas pins in there too, they were worn, chipped & a little sad, but I am always up for an experiment.  I grabbed my favorite Swellegant colors of Copper & Bronze and got to work. A few days later this is where I endedup.
4 Pounds!
These were $1 each or less!

Enlarged to show some detail
Before & After [Bronze with Green/Gold]

When it comes to Christmas colors I'm pretty traditional, my home is decorated with deep reds and dark forest greens. But I  like these repurposed collages and pins. Christmas doesn't always have to scream, here I am, I like to think these say 'Happy Holidays' in their own subtle way.
Thanks for looking!

Copper with Tiffany Patina


  1. OH I want that last one..copper with Tiffany Patina on the christmas bulb. YOU are so creative. I want to play with patina soon.

    Guess what readers? I have seen Tammie's studio. She is not only really creative but has the cleanest studio too. (she just ISN't normal like the rest of us!) hahaha


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