Kalmbach "Bead Soup Blog Party" Book Launch

  Over the summer I participated in the "Bead Soup Blog Hop" hosted by Lori Anderson. My partner and I swapped items and made a creation that featured the gifted clasp and focal and anything else from our stash that we wanted.  
  As this hop was winding down a new opportunity presented itself.  Lori's idea for the Bead Soup Blog Hop has been transformed into a book, showing just what happens when crafters and artisans swap, create and share their work.  Kalmbach is the publisher of this new book.


 Kalmbach books decided that a fun way to celebrate this book launch would be to contact bead shops who would be selling the book and ask them to contribute a 'soup' to a specially selected group of artists and have them produce a piece in honor of the book.  The hopeful participants [including *ME*] signed up in August and waited to see if they were selected.  

In early September I received an envelope from Kalmbach! It was generously filled with items from Studio Baboo in Charlottesville, VA I was so pleased with the beautiful selection of stones, pearls, crystals, seed beads and spacers along with a lovely antique gold toggle clasp and a unique oval focal.  I knew what I wanted to do almost immediately. I added just a few freshwater pearls and some 4mm forest green dyed quartz rounds from my own stash and Voila' the set came together perfectly. We were only asked to make a necklace, but there were a lot of bits left and if you know me I always like to make something to match, so I made some earrings too :-D

Welcome Letter & gifted beads
In progress

The Lovely completed set [focal side A]
Set featuring Studio Baboo card [focal side B]

Thank you for taking the time today to stop by and read my post. 
If you'd like to know more about Lori visit her blog: http://www.prettythingsblog.com/
If you'd like your own copy of this book visit:    http://www.kalmbachstore.com/64421.html
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  1. FANTASTIC! And I personally know that shop as I used to live in Charlottesville. be sure to post on their Facebook as well as Kalmbach's!

  2. What a great piece. I haven't gotten to start on mine yet. Need to get on the ball.


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