Oh the possibilities....

If you are a follower of my blog you may recall that I am nearing the completion of my move from Northern VA/DC to Norfolk/Chespaeake, VA.  
A few weeks ago I showed a picture of my previous craft space (guest room) all packed up and ready to go. Today's blog post is about the possibilities of my new space.  The house we are renting is large and very nice and has a few odd spaces.... Just off the master closet is the spot I chose for my new workshop. 
"Before"  left side facing window
It is only about 8'x12', but it has a huge window for natural light and the best part, it's all mine! No need to clean it up so guests can sleep there (I was requiring a weeks notice before~ LOL), no need to keep it neat incase someone walks by, just create away, then close the door!

"Before" right side facing window
The vaulted ceiling angles are cool and give the space a cozy nook feeling. There is extra storage behind the walls too in the little doors on either side of the room.
As far as our REAL move it concerned we are 90% unpacked and 80% 'put in it's proper place'~ so today I think I will treat myself to an hour or two of setting up shop. I can't tell you how much I have missed creating over the last month.  I have some commissioned repairs to work on too so I need to get up and running.  I will post a few pics of the 'after'. As always, thanks for looking today.


  1. Oohh how exciting! Your own room too, with natural light, and storage. You spoiled little thing you!! Nice floors too. What color you painting it? Blinds or curtains, or both? Area rug? Do you like functional over fashion? I am GREEN with envy!!!! Have fn lucky girl...can't wait to see what you do with it!!

  2. Reading your blog sounds exactly like my own situation. I am in the middle of moving too! I know the feeling of having everything boxed up and wanting to create. It is a good time to hop around and get to know all the talented artists in bead land. Good luck setting up your cozy nook. It looks like an inspiring space to create in.

  3. Looks like you will have a blast in there. I would suggest you check out Lowes/HomeDepot and price out unfinished cabinets/countertop...I had no idea is was as affordable as it was and when we built my studio space into the finished room over the garage adding custom countertop with the unfinished (we pickle washed them) cabinets was a WONDERFUL investment!

  4. That sounds so nice! I'm super jealous :) Right now I have a work bench in the garage and a tray with tools, beads, etc that comes into the house. But, I'm happy to have that - if i had more room I'd just buy more beads to grow into it LOL

  5. Thanks All~ I have it mostly organized. It's a pretty tight space but at least I can find everything.
    Because it's a rental house I can't really paint, or install anything permanent, but I think it will work out just fine :-)


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