Sunrise on Guam
                            What inspires a person to create?

As we are in the middle phase of our move and all my supplies are packed away I feel quite a sense of stagnation right now. I thought that taking this mandatory break from beading and polymer might be good for me, give me chance to have some down time and that when I get myself & my shop organized and back into play I would be on fire with a million new ideas.
Additionally, I bought a bunch of wire and jump rings and got some books on making chain & wire work thinking this would be a great new skill I could master.
Unfortunately it hasn't been the epiphany I hoped it would.

Living in flux makes it hard, my time come in short snippets and my work space is the dinner table that must be cleaned up for each meal. It feels very weird not to have several orders and projects on the calendar.
So I have decided to reevaluate, let go of the pressure to try and learn a skill or create for now. I will peruse my old Picassa  & new Iphoto album and make a list of ideas from Pinterest and do some sketching and hopefully in a few weeks I will be rested, recharged and ready.
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