Change of Command

Today is a very special day for my family because my husband took over as Commanding Officer of US Navy Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 2 in Norfolk, VA.
One of the things I love about being part of the military life and the Navy specifically is the sense of tradition that accompanies these ceremonies. (Not to mention how great DH looks in full uniform)
I am totally a sentimentalist and a few weeks ago my husband was getting rid of some old uniforms I took the gold buttons and stashed them away, they were a bit worn and rustic, but totally cool. I ran across them again during our recent unpack and on a crazy whim I made them into a bracelet last night to wear at todays ceremony.
A bit of the old, since they were from his USNA days.  I will have to tweak it a bit as it was looser than I like but I think it turned out well and I got several compliments on it too. Have a great NAVY day!


  1. Congratulations to your husband and a big "Thank You" from me for his service to this country (and your family, too). I deeply appreciate the commitment it takes to be in the military, even the commitment it takes to be married to one who's in the military. I cannot thank our active and retired men and women enough. Please, pass mine on to your DH. (p.s., I can't see your bracelet... I don't know if it's me or what, but it's not showing on my computer or my phone when I try to peek :( As soon as my computer cooperates and lets me see it, I'll give another comment!)

  2. Oh congrats! How exciting for your family. The bracelet is a great idea!

  3. For some reason the photo of the bracelet is not showing! My son went to USNA and graduated in 2011. I made a bracelet and earrings for his fiance from the black buttons with anchors on them from his work uniforms. I think that is so cool that you made a bracelet too and I would love to see what you made. Congratulations to you both! GO NAVY! Although my son is now a Marine!

  4. We can see it now! What a treasure! I love the bracelet and the fact that you can wear part of his history. I love the ceremonies too. It is comforting in this world of fast moving changes to have some pomp and circumstance that has been part of our traditions for a long time! Again congratulations and GO NAVY!

  5. That is an awesome bracelet - what a cool idea! Many, many years ago, I was the Manager of Navy Federal Credit Union. At the time, I was working at the branch office in Silverdale, WA - I was invited to attend the Change of Command at Bremerton - I still have goose bumps from that ceremony! Congrats to your husband and enjoy your time at your new home!

  6. Thanks everyone for commenting, it means a lot to me that you took the time to read my post :-)


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