Chain Chain Chain....

I loved having a dedicated craft space at our previous house. While we are in transit we are staying with my mother in law, 'Nana' at her home.

I knew I wouldn't have a lot of room to craft while we are here, so I decided to try my hand at making chain and linked jewelry. All the tools I needed and a small amount of jump rings and wire fit in a small case and was easily portable.
This was my first attempt at a simple pattern in bright copper. Nana loves blue so I added a few blue czech crystal rondelles and some copper barrels for interest. Voila' a pretty Mother's Day gift.
I requested three books from the local library which I picked up today. Great Wire Jewelry by Irene From Peterson, Handcrafted Wire Findings by  Denise Peck and Jane Dickerson and lastly, Wire Style 2  by Denise Peck.
I can already tell my hands are going to be tired, there are so many cool projects that I'd like to try.  Having a little something to work on these next couple of weeks will help pass the down time in between moving out and moving in. I will post my attempts as I go so you can see what develops. Have a lovely rest of your day~ Tammie


  1. That is a beautiful set!!! The blue with the copper is stunning! I have Wire Style 2 and Handcrafted Wire Findings....the pages in my book have been dog-earred to death! They are two of my very favorites! Have fun!

  2. I LOVE this set! Lucky Nana, and lucky you to have a sweet Nana :-)

    If you like working with wire, you should look at this book:
    Making Wire Jewelry by Helen Clegg and Mary Larom

    and this one for findings, it has other styles of findings, not just wire:
    Findings and Finishing by Sharon Bateman

  3. Thanks so much Patti & Kashmira, I appreciate your kind words and book suggestions. Looking forward to adding some new skills to my repertoire!


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