Everything is "Just Beachy" by the Polymer Clay Smooshers

One of the things I love about creative artsy people is the almost universal common denominator of helpfulness, constructive criticism, support and generosity they are more than willing to share with one another regardless of your ability or skill level.  As I have sought to grow my little TTEDesigns I have reached out to a variety of groups through Facebook and Art Fire.  Art Fire has a very nice system of guilds that one can join for support and assistance. For polymer clay the "Polymer Clay Smooshers" has been invaluable to me.
Each month the Smooshers hosts a themed 'Blog Roll' to encourage traffic and perhaps introduce you to an artist you might not have discovered on your own. This month the theme is "Everything is Just Beachy".  With that in mind I present the following artists. There were many to choose from and I included a little something 'beachy' of my own.

Wyverndesigns  shows a darling "Flip Flop Necklace & Earrings". Nothing says beach like a bit of sand in your shoes from a summery flip flop.

Beadcomber presents a lovely "Star Fish" pendant. A treasure from the deep that will certainly remind the wearer of the treasures of the sea.
55 mm Sea Star pendant handmade polymer clay
Amazing Designs created a bead series "How Blue is the Ocean". The vivid colors call to mind how many shades can be found in the depths of the seven seas.
How Blue is the Ocean Tile BraceletTTE Designs     "Ritidian"
This set was made by me. I named it Ritidian in honor of a beautiful beach on the island of Guam where we were stationed with the Navy on Andersen AFB for a couple of years. The water is spectacular and the beach is quite natural and undeveloped.  Here's an official description, a shot from the jungle looking out... & my interpretation.

Located on the northern coast, Ritidian Beach is the northern most point on Guam and is in a very secluded area of the island.  Its isolated location offers a spectacular look into the natural, unspoiled beauty of the island.  The beach itself is a long stretch of white, powdery sand beach that offers tourists a chance to swim in the crystal clear waters or sunbathe in the warmth of the tropical sun.


Thanks for spending some time at the beach with the Polymer Clay Smooshers~


  1. These are all beachy. Your bracelet and earrings have some great colors. Keep Clayin'

  2. These are some wonderful beachy items! Thanks so much for sharing them! =)


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