Thrifting Thursday 1/30/2020

Hello Friends, 
For 2020 I am trying to re-commit myself to blogging at least once a week. So today I am going to share with you some finds from my local Goodwill which should be really useful for show displays and workshop items.
I’m not sure what this little rack is supposed to be in real life, but I think it will make a great little earring display. Each of the earrings can be on a card and hang in its own little section.  

Here we have an easel which will also come in handy at shows for displaying a board or signage.

I found this wire basket for three dollars. Although it’s a cute basket I have begun dip sealing all my vintage tin pieces into a product called Protecta-Clear and they must dry in a hanging position. In the second picture you can see I’ve made myself some little hooks and it makes a perfect drying rack

I also found this wrought  iron looking shelving unit. The shelves are pretty shallow. It probably was meant to hold the CDs or DVDs at one time. But now it will be a perfect little display shelf for some more tens in my workshop. I also may use it if I am able to open a show space in the antique mall I’m interested in working with.

Here she is loaded with some tins on the  countertop in my workspace. 
So that’s it for today thank you for reading all the way down here to the very bottom, I truly appreciate it. If you have any comments or thoughts I would love to have your feedback. Have a great weekend and I will see you soon.


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