April 2019 Update

Sorry! It's been several weeks since I posted last. 
Lots of exciting things have been happening since my last entry, so without further ado- let's get to it!

My tool cart is always a mess. So I found this wooden desk/mail organizer and decided it would be a good way to organize all my pliers. 


What do you think of the results?  Much better I'd say.

I also had the opportunity to reorganize my shelves of 
'do not cut' pretty tins. Now you can really see them and I actually got a few more displayed than were there before.

I finally got my order of clear crackle vitreous enamel & some time to play with it. I made this beautiful blue triangle collar necklace and earrings and it was the second thing to sell at my show the following weekend! 
 I hosted a poll on my TTE Designs Facebook page & this checkerboard tin was the #1 choice. Above you can see the cute set I made from it. I am loving the new trapezoid shape I have added to my line. 

That poll sparked a conversation with a follower who collects carousel memorabilia. She accepted my offer to sell 4 tins and now they will be enjoyed completely intact. I love that! ;-)

Morean Collection
I belong to the Florida Society of Goldsmiths. 
[Obviously you don't have to only work with gold to be a member]. They extended an offer to display a small collection of work at the Morean Art Museum in St. Petersburg, FL and I jumped at the chance. You can see me there now through June 15th, 2019. These 3 sets above are for sale, so if you are in the St. Pete area, stop in and pick up a gift for Mother's Day -or yourself!
These two pieces were posted on my FB prior to sending the one on the left to St. Pete. The pieces were seen by a gallery owner from South Carolina who was also participating in the Holly Hill Art Festival with me. 
She picked up the set on the right in those warm browns and purples and also extended me an offer to have a collection in her gallery. That should be kicking off in the next week or so. If you are in Seneca, SC checkout Loblolly Arts on Ram Cat Alley. My work will be there till October 2019. 
Loblolly Arts Collection

Monster High Lunch box Earrings

Here are a few more things from the last few weeks of making.

Some cool new tin trays and boxes from recent picking...

AND... last but not least I finally had to bite the bullet. This blog post is coming to you from my new desk top IMAC computer. My previous computer was 9+ years old and had been the family computer before it was a TTE business machine. It was so painfully slow and was shutting down on me frequently. I was worried she would die,  so I pulled the trigger and voila' ~


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