Art Fiesta 2019 + Thrifting Thursday 2/28/19

Hello Friends!

Another week gone by and that means another installment of 'Thrifting Thursday'- plus this week I’d also like to talk a little about Art Fiesta 2019.  

Let’s start with Art Fiesta which is an annual art event put on by the city of New Smyrna Beach, FL. Over 250 Artisans artists and crafters set up in the old historic area near City Hall. 
I have had my same spot for the last two years on Samm’s Avenue and I’m quite happy with the location. Suffice to say this year was gangbusters I sold almost 60 pieces.  It’s great news, the only downside is that I have 2 other events coming up in March and will need to quickly replenish my inventory.
In other nice news I had a piece selected for judging. It was a vintage ANACIN aspirin tin which I altered and added a cute little collage inside with repurposed parts and vintage tin.
The chain is also vintage. Although I did not place for a prize in the final judging, I feel like a winner just being selected. With 250 artists and they only took a small percentage of entries.

I also have the opportunity to do a very cool commission for a mother and daughter based on the Benefit cosmetics tin they brought me. "Hello San Francisglow" is a very very vibrant tin in teal, pink and bright yellow with black filigree work. It will make some very cool pieces. They are interested in earrings, several necklaces, a bracelet, and a barrette. 

Believe it or not there will still be some of this tin left when all those are complete, so check back on my Instagram in the next couple weeks to see what develops.

As for the thrift thing this week, I was able to find an interesting aluminum tray with a floral motif, a beautiful silver plated serving dish which may end up in the 'do not cut' pile, a unique embossed brass tray and several floral tins.
I also picked up a couple of vintage chain necklaces which I like to re-purpose and utilize in my work.  

More tin & brass goodness

There you have it. Another show and another week in the record books.  Thanks for stopping by~
I truly appreciate it.
~ Tammie 


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