Thrifting Thursday 2/20/2019 & 'She Sells Yarn & More' Restock

This week's thrifting finds were plentiful and colorful.  
I'm particularly excited to work with some of these, especially the florals. 
I think the Mermaid tin will go in my 'do not cut' museum. :-)

Here is this quarter's restock at She Sells Yarn & More in Ormond Beach, FL.
The shop owner Helen, asked me to provide a little bio for my space to help connect with customers. 

It's always funny to me to write about myself in the third person :-D   
I changed up the display to include some actual tins to help convey the theme. 
I chose some more spring-y colors and hope that they appeal. 

Lastly, with thoughts of the yarn shop dancing in my head I decided to try and create some accessories for knitters. 
These are stitch markers and hopefully they will make some one happy in their projects.  
I made them in different three colors. 

That's about it for this week. I will be at my hometown show-Art Fiesta in New Smyrna Beach this weekend. Hope to see you there!


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