Thrifting Thursday 11/30/17 & What's New in My Inventory

Hello Friends,
Here's what's new at TTE.
I've been in full gear for the holidays with the last 3 shows of 2017 next week. After that I am happy to be taking a month or so off to enjoy the season.
Enjoy the photos below, some great finds, new work and my daughters attempt to get me a new head shot for business pages.
Thanks for stopping by

Hit the "TIN JACKPOT" while visiting my family in Alabama over Thanksgiving
Made this nifty ring holder after watching a you tube video. Hot glue, foam rollers, fabric and a little tin tray - Easy peasy!
Christmas is right around the corner

New line of vintage tin hair accessories 

Matching vintage tin dainty earrings and rings 

"TTE Designs for Him",  vintage tin cufflinks

Vintage tin and jeweler's resin in a bezel setting

Vintage tin in a lacy bezel setting

My daughter the photographer, trying to get me some better head shots :-)


  1. So much beauty in this post: that tin stash, the ring display, your face! It's all great. What a fabulous idea to make the barrettes. It's not something I would have considered. Here's hoping the shows go well and you get plenty of rest and holiday time!


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