Thrifting Thursday 3/16/17

Hello Friends, Welcome to another 'Thrifting Thursday'. Just a quick post today to share a few cool new finds and a recent project. At left you can see two exquisite tins I found at 'work' where I volunteer one day a week. They are so nice I actually haven't had the heart to deconstruct them yet!

Here are two other tins I came across. I love raspberries and I have a hot pink top I wear a lot in summer so I am going to make myself a pair of earrings from the tiny tin. I thought the 'Rosie the Riveter' tin was unique and would have a nice appeal. I also picked up this nice sturdy silverware tray for use in the workshop. I am constantly trying to get more organized and I thought this would be good on my desk to hold tools and such. All the pieces you see above were $8 total!

Recently, my dear daughter was home on spring break.  She is in Gamma Phi Beta Sorority and they have 'Big Sister' appreciation week coming up. She has two 'Bigs' and so together we created these two crescent moon pendants in copper. Gamma Phi's symbol is the crescent moon and their colors are brown, mode [a light brown] and pink, so the patinated copper is perfect compliment don't you agree?

So that's about it for this week. I have a big project coming up that I will blog about soon. Till then please enjoy my TTE Facebook page for the newest news!
Warm Regards,



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