Thrifting Thursday on Friday & Copper Etching 1/24/17

Hello Friends~
Just a quick post today [since I'm already a day late] on my thrift finds and what I'm working on.

I volunteer at my parish thrift shop. Most of the time I find maybe one thing a week, but this past Tuesday I found a ton of things I NEEDED! haha
Two tins featuring cardinals, did you know seeing a cardinal is heaven's way to tell you a deceased loved one is thinking of you? That's the legend anyway and I find comfort in that, so I knew I wanted these. Also the giant popcorn tin had a lot of white with the top and lid. White tin is so fun because you can do so many creative things with it. It's actually hard to find as most are printed with designs. 
The purple stripe tin is good too- I see a little pop art modern thing going on there.
I also scored this tiny cedar cigar box. Not sure how I will use it, but for .50 cents I had to have it. Also the rhinestone shoe clips will make great up cycled leather cuff bracelets. 

Look at all that white tin!!!

Also, this week I am back to etching some copper. I did our local NSB ART FIESTA last weekend and although it wasn't a huge money maker I did sell quite a few of my copper pieces. 
I was able to secure the etching chemicals locally- YAY! 
 I have done a first batch and am in the process of completing those pieces before my next event March 4 & 5 at the Lake Mary- Heathrow, FL show.

As always, 
Thanks so much for stopping by. I always appreciate your comments and suggestions.
Have a great rest of the week,
Warm Regards,


  1. Scores! I hadn't ever thought about the lack of white tins before, but you are so right!
    The etchings are so great. You make me want to break out the copper and etchant and do the same. Best of luck on that next show. Have fun!!


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