Moving TTE Designs to Another State

Hello Friends~
  Another Thursday is here and today I want to talk about moving my business to another state. Let me start by saying, I never set out to have a real legit business as an artist. I was just a girl who like to make things, and not really savvy about business dealings at all. As my desire to sell my art [online but mostly at craft fairs] increased so did the realization that I would have to evolve. 
  Nicer shows and events require you to have insurance and to collect and pay sales tax. Frankly, nicer events are more lucrative. You truly do get what you pay for, shelling out big$ for a juried show reaps nice rewards.
  So, in Virginia, I had the advice of a few friends and found a great accountant who works with tiny businesses. She helped me navigate the roads so to speak and get all set up. I went to the Chesapeake city court house, paid a small fee and "voila'" I was set. 

  Now fast forward two years. Like so many other active duty military wives I moved with my husband to a new state for his career. Also like so many other wives, I wanted to continue my 'career' as well. I set out to reestablish myself and found that Florida has some very different rules about becoming 'real'. In addition to the usual registrations, one of the required steps is to place an ad in your local paper stating your intention to use a 'fictitious name'- this little blurb is $75~ Ouch! 

Now that this has posted I can continue the other steps toward being legal.  Sadly, for me I am probably doing all this the hard way because I am doing it by trail and error. I know it will eventually get done, but it's a challenge and no where near as fun as creating.  

My ZApplication  interest list
The next step it to find and apply to shows. Here too, Florida seems different. There are LOTS of big events, but less of the smaller & mid-size shows I like to do too. I have started to reach out quite a bit and even for shows where I have missed the deadline, I have asked to be put on mailing lists for next year. 
ZApplication is a good resource as well as Greg Lawler's Art Fair Source Book and I have paid for a short term subscription to 'Where the Shows Are' to help me in my search. 

I was excited for last weekend. I did my first FL event. I applied just days after we moved in because the deadline was so far out. I was pleased to be an artist at the Halifax Art Festival November 5&6, 2016.  Since it was totally new to me I applied in the less rigorous Crafter category to feel it out and to increase my change of acceptance.  Unfortunately my location was not good and my sales were low because of it. I am not totally discouraged though, and if I apply next year I will insist on being on the main drag and not off on an after thought  side street. 

Above are some pics of the mock ups I have been staging my garage. I am planning to do a 75% vertical display in my tent this time out. This will allow for more room for customers to move around and see my work. 
And here are the pics taken on site.  I like the spaciousness of the vertical, not sure how I feel about the look of it in action. Being super windy that weekend didn't help, as everything shook all day.

 Not having done a show since April had me feeling rusty. Thank goodness for checklists! I don't have another event for a few weeks so, I'll be headed back to the drawing board. 
Have a great week and I'll see you soon
~ Tammie 


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