Designing a Custom Piece

A few weeks ago I did some copper etching. I have pieces in a beach themed shop so I did designs with a mind to creating pieces of that genre.

I posted a picture of my progress and lo and behold I was approached by a gentleman to make a custom piece for his wife using the mermaid pendant on the far left. 

I sent my client many pictures of possible configurations and materials.....

After a few back & forths, we decided on the mixed shape cultured sea glass and copper beads and sort of an asymmetrical look.  

I initially finished with copper chain but after reviewing it my client decided to go sea glass all the way! I think he made a great choice! 

A few days after her birthday I was sent two pictures of his wife sporting her new piece - she was thrilled with the results.  THAT is one of the best things about my job, the look on ladies faces when they love my work!
Have a great rest of your week !
Warm Regards,


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    1. Thank you Nova ~ That means a lot coming from another maker! :-D

  2. Every single idea you came up with would have been a beautiful design.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth, you are very kind! I appreciate you taking the time to comment too!

  3. Loved all your ideas but the final one is very special! I bet that was fun!


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