Thrifting Thursday 6/25/2015 "Geek Art"

Hi Friends~
A bit of different creative twist today as I show you a piece I made for my son's 20th birthday earlier this week. 
A few months ago I saw some interesting creative works online called 'geek art'. Then a month or so later I saw a piece similar to that at a local shop where I have my jewelry. The price was more than I wanted to pay and I knew, after looking at it I could make one myself.

I started searching my local thrift shops for a bargain landscape picture and found this one for $5. It has some condition issues, but I figured of the price I would give it a try.  It is a print not a painting.
My son likes all sorts of 'geekery' but I decided to go for a Star Wars theme.  I searched Google images and found one of Darth Vader I thought would work.  It needed to be big enough to cover the 3 figures in the print. I also cut out a small Death Star. 
Originally I thought I would use it to cover the bad scratches on the left of the print but it sort of got lost in all the dark colors and so I decided to put it in the sky, where it belonged.

1. Using a damp tea bag I 'stained' the badly scratched areas and then let, dry.  
2. Cover the surface of the print with a light coat of Mod Podge and apply the cut outs, carefully smoothing out any wrinkles or bubbles.   Let dry.
3. Apply a second coat of Mod Podge to seal the piece; let dry.

4. Present the finished piece, with love, to the geek in your life.

5. Have your daughter ask you to make her one of  'The Walking Dead'  :-D

So, now I'm on the search for a new landscape to create a similar piece for my daughter~ who knew old mom could come up with something cool??? 
Thanks for stopping by,
Have a great weekend!
Warm Regards,


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