Thrifting Thursday 5/21/15 There's picking & then there's 'Picking'!

Hi Friends~
Yesterday was a busy day @TTE
New Kitsch inventory
I started my day in the usual way with coffee, computer time, and dog walking.

Then I got on the road and started my adventure.
I had some work done on my car which resulted leaving it overnight. I knew I was planning to drop pieces at Kitsch [a handmade shop in Norfolk, VA] and wanted to combine my errands.

On my way from the car dealer to Kitsch I let the GPS do the planning and consequently we passed a CHKD thrift shop I hadn't seen before. So of course I had to stop!  I haven't done a lot of thrifting lately and I was itching for a find or two.
I did two laps around the store just to make sure I wasn't missing anything, but in the end all I found was this nice resin wall cross. It will be great covered in polymer clay and presented in my Food for the Poor charity line of products. 

Back in the car....

After Kitsch, I headed towards home, but remembered another CHKD in Norfolk so of course, I stopped.

I scored these 3 nice leather belts.  I'm not 100% sure the turquoise one is full leather, but they will be great for my up cycled cuff bracelets and buckle pendants.

Then I ran into a huge cache of Stampin' Up and other rubber stamps. There were tons of them [some were ones I already own].  I chose these two sets for about $4-5 each. Lots of great images for copper etching and polymer embossing!

The 4 on the bottom are stamped Color Craft and were made in Indianapolis, IN
Then I had some incredible fortune. 
I scored these 7 vintage aluminum tumblers. 
They are certainly not pristine but a long shot, 
but I have been searching for some of these for several years and here's why...                 
When I was a little girl, in the 1960's we would go to Kansas in the summer to visit my family. On a hot day my Grandma Tusher would give us a little Coca-Cola in an icy cold aluminum tumbler. She let you pick your favorite color,  I always chose blue. Then I walked through the screen door out of the kitchen and I sat on the back stoop overlooking the backyard and gardens and sipped that amazing cold drink.  That cup was so cold and covered in condensation, and the day was hot and sunny. Bees and butterfly's were flying around my Grandpa Tusher's giant garden beds. Just a picture perfect day, like a scene from an idyllic movie.  Memory is a funny thing. The snippets you remember about your childhood and why they stand out in your recollection is a very personal thing and no one can really put a finger on why one particular random thing is remembered. But I think that was just a genuinely happy day and so it sticks with me.
So now I have my own aluminum tumblers. I still like the blue best, but I am also pretty fond of that purpley-pink color too. :-D

OK_ Back to the blog.....
My last thrifting stop was the CHKD near my house in Chesapeake.  I found this 'scrapbook page holder' for $5.  I thought the black wrought iron frame, without the pages, would make a great necklace display for craft shows. Can you envision it?
I also came across this shelf riser in a silver gray, powder coat finish. I plan to turn this on it's side [as seen in the second pic] and use it to hang earring cards as a show display or 'shop prop' at one of my venues.  It should hold about a dozen pairs.

The last 'PICK' of the day was a trip to my local 'U-PICK' farm, Hickory Ridge Farm. The berries are plentiful and reasonably priced and there is some fun in being outside on a beautiful day harvesting your own bucket of deliciousness. They taste amazing.  Because so much of the produce we buy in stores was picked before it is truly ripe, you forget how wonderful vine ripened fruits and veggies can be.

Thanks for visiting today. I hope you enjoyed my post. Now off to wash a few of these berries, pour a Coke in my tumbler and have a lovely treat.

Have a blessed Memorial Day weekend.

Warm Regards,


  1. I really enjoy reading about your finds. It opens my eyes to what could be. Thanks for sharing....I also have those memories of going to grandma's....brought those memories back this morning. Thanks.

  2. What a fun post, Tammie! Of course, I envy you your lovely thrift shops (nothing like that around here) but at least I can shop vicariously without dropping a dime ;)

    My first thought when I saw the scrapbook page holder? It would make an awesome display for a shop sign, when at a show where your banner can't be displayed :)

    Enjoy your berries :) It will be at least a month and a half before we see any local berries :(

  3. Girl, you got some great finds! I'm not sure what a CHKD is, but looks like they stock some nice stuff at reasonable prices.
    Those aluminum cups look familiar to me, but I don't have a beautiful, vivid memory of them like you do. I hope you enjoy them and they create new memories in your family!
    Enjoy the berries! :)

  4. Tammy-Those aluminum tumblers brought back memories for me too! When I was a little girl we used them for soda or ice cream soda which was a special treat for a Saturday night.

  5. My Nana use to have those tumblers as well. Sitting on her huge porch with lemonade, watching the humming birds feed. Great memories. I think I am going to have to hunt down some more thrift stores here. Have a great weekend.

  6. We had those tumblers, too! Great finds...especially the shelf/earring card display!


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