A Truly, One of a Kind, Special Occasion Piece - Change of Command 12-11-14

  Hello TTE Friends-
  I started doing assemblages a couple years ago. I enjoy the hunt for bits and pieces. Rummaging around in junk bins, stopping at yard sales and hitting thrift stores are all inexpensive fun for me.
  A little more than 18 months ago, my hard working, dedicated US Navy helicopter pilot of a husband found out he had been selected for the career path of helicopter wing 'Commodore' here in Norfolk.
  Commodore is not a rank [his rank is a Captain/06] but rather a title given, in this case to the person in charge of this particular collection of helicopter squadrons in Norfolk, VA.  This position is one that 'fleets up' meaning that he would have 18 months in the deputy position, before moving in to the Commodore's job. Think assistant manager then moving on to manager and you get a basic idea.
  So Pat has been the Deputy for 18 months and now as of December 11, 2014 it is his turn to step into the Commodore's job.  In this past 18 months, as I have been searching for assemblage pieces and parts I have been also collecting patriotic, USA and Navy themed bits thinking it might be cool to make a statement piece that reflected not only my love of quirky handmade jewelry but my pride in his Navy career.
  It's December, so all these festivities are lumped in with the usual Christmas chaos of craft shows, cooking, cleaning and company. It's been pretty hectic.  Last week I realized that if I didn't pencil in some dedicated time, this little collection will never get made and so I did.
  I am so happy with the way this turned out.  I used a large brass blank and the big anchor cameo focal from B'Sue boutique. The rest of it includes all those found bits, rhinestones, buttons from Pat's uniform, flag pins, anchors and more. I didn't use all the things I found but I had a lot of good things to choose from in putting this together.
  I used some simple gold chain and a lobster clasp.  I toyed with adding sari silk to the chain, but opted to keep it as a cleaner look.  I chose gold because I am planning to pair this with my gold uniform button bracelet and earrings set on that day.  I'm sure many photos will be taken that day and I will post them at a later date.
  Do you make special occasion pieces just for yourself?  I think it's a nice way to commemorate a once in a lifetime day.  Thanks for looking today and have a great week!
Warm Regards,


  1. Love, love, love it. Wow good job

  2. This is a wonderful piece, Tammie! You've inspired me to make one myself, as an Army vet. Thank you to your family for military service!

  3. Wonderful blog! Love the piece you made and enjoyed the story behind the piece.

  4. What a special and beautifully patriotic piece to honor your husband!! LOVE it, Tammie!!

  5. Its wonderful to celebrate this new responsibility with such a beautiful and appropriate piece. It looks great.


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