Thrifting Thursday 10-23-14 Belts Galore!

  This past Tuesday with 25% off coupon in hand, I hit my favorite CHKD and scored on leather belts for making my up cycled belt leather cuff bracelets. Several even have nice buckles which I will convert into buckle pendants too!
I also found a nice big tin with a pretty winter scene which will become a tin disc necklace or two.

Black croc and textures, browns in many shades and thicknesses...
Although this grouping was made on Monday with some leather I had on hand these are examples of what I like to do with the up cycled belts.
Some, like the black one and studded one on the top row are basically the belt as it comes with just a little tweaking. Others require quite a bit more effort to bring it back to life, including painting, sanding, wiring glueing and use of rivets when possible.
The octopus was a custom order, and was the piece that got me started on the little creative jag I fell into this week.

I'll post some pics on my FB page when I have more to show using the belts I found this week.
Have a lovely weekend and if you find yourself in Chesapeake, VA on Saturday, stop by the Grassfield HS Fall Craft Show and see me there!
Have a blessed week!


  1. These are very cool bracelets and you got a nice selection of belts too! Great ideas. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the buckles - you have some really pretty ones there. I like the second and third ones from the left.


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