Thrifting Thursday 10-2-14~ 'Using What You Have On Hand'

Hello Friends
There hasn't been a lot of Thrift Shopping at TTE lately. I have gone a few times, but I am trying to be a little more discerning in my purchases and stick to my mental list of things it's OK to buy rather than just buying for buying's sake.

I case you wondered that 'list' includes but is not limited to---cool tin containers, vintage buttons, vintage broken jewelry, ceramic picture frames [for covering w/ PC], good used real leather belts, old copper refrigerator tubing, etcetera....

So earlier this week, with being thrifty in mind~ I was revisiting supplies I had on hand. 
I ran across these double daisy spacer beads. I bought a TON of these last year, mistakenly thinking there was only one hole- I know, I know ---it's a long story - but let's just say the pictures were deceiving.

They are tiny...

 So I tinkered around with using them on 18G wire [16G was too big]. I tried a couple configurations and finally came up with this. Simple but effective.

 Simple wire loops through a nice big oval Denim Dumortierite I purchased 
from Dakota Stones last year.

 Carefully bend the side bars on my oval bracelet mandrel

 A simple 16G hook clasp and Voila'
Simple & IMHO beautiful!!
There were white glares on the stone when I took the pic, sorry for the lame editing...

So do take some time to revisit your stash- you liked it when you bought it right? 
Or if like me, you bought it mistakenly, 
try thinking outside the box and 
make it into something cool anyway 
you may surprise yourself like I did.

Thanks for stopping by today. Have a great week!
Warm Regards,


  1. Awesome little bracelet, Tammie! I love daisy spacers but I'd never seen these doubles :) Don't you hate it when photos aren't clear and descriptions deceptive? Makes me grind my teeth. I depend on accuracy in both as an online buyer.

  2. Love the bracelet and the idea. Thanks for the inspiration. I really need to start looking back at the forgotten boxes of items that I should be using.

  3. So clever---what a lovely bracelet! :)

  4. Simple and lovely... Great idea and great design. I have some of those spacers too but I knew what I was buying - still haven't done anything with them though! Thanks for the nice bracelet idea.

  5. Very cool...have any more of the spacers......I am doing some designing in copper right now....might buy some of the ton from ya!


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