Thrifting Thursday 10-16-14 'Tins'

Hi Friends,
The internet is both a blessing and a curse. 
I have learned so much from the information superhighway, but it also seems to drain a lot of my time away. Do you have that problem?
I have been trying to pursue a more active Facebook presence and consequently I haven't been blogging as regularly as I like to. 
Plus, it's the start of peak art/craft show season and I am doing something almost every weekend between now and the first weekend of December. 
All that commitment & preparation takes time away from blogging. 

Anyway, I digress--- back to the post...

It's funny, as I have been regularly thrifting for a couple of years now, I have learned that certain stores seem to carry certain things.  If I am looking for real leather, used belts, I hit my Salvation Army. If I am looking for picture frames to cover with polymer I usually luck out at CHKD. If I am seeking tin containers I go to the DAV thrift store. 
I ALWAYS look for things at ALL  the shops, it just seems that some are more prone to have those specific things...

So it was certainly surprising that I recently hit the vintage TIN jackpot at my CHKD this week. Plus it was 25% off coupon day = double score!!

I found all these for $3.
All this for $3
Yesterday I cut for several hours and sanded last night while we watched the DVR'ed episode of Gotham. Today I will be dapping my brains out and hopefully I will have a few new 
"repurposed, up cycled tin sets" for this weekend's show.  

More pics of single pieces and completed sets will be coming later today on my 

Have a great weekend & as always, I appreciate you stopping by :-D
~ Warm Regards,

Haven't cut this one yet, but I think it's the coolest one

This is the lid and below is the side of the tin- love it! 

I was able to make 3 individual disc sets, one each in blue, white and pink

I thought the individual snow flakes would make great winter earring pairs.


  1. Can't wait to see the finished designs, Tammie :)

  2. How fun. I've played with tin too and love the results. I definitely need to play some more, but totally want to see your results too. Don't forget to share them with us before you sell them all!


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