Thrifting Thursday 7-10-14

Hi Friends~ This weeks thrift shopping revolved around polymer clay items and accessories.

The three figures at left will be covered with PC cane or mokume gane technique. 
It doesn't matter what they look like in the 'before' state [yes they are all ugly]  I try to find figures with very little detail and that are no more than $1.  These were .45-.75 each.

Here you see a candy mold.  I think it will work well for polymer, various leaf and swirl shapes. It was 10 cents, could you have walked by and left it there?  I think not.
 Here is a toaster oven I found for $10.  I agreed to teach a beginner's class in polymer clay at 3 Little Back Birds  Chesapeake, VA in August. The main reason for my hesitation was the onsite curing that would be required.  I always use my home oven.  
Toaster ovens, while portable,  are notoriously inaccurate in the  temperature department.  I tested this one out and it is no exception, it runs VERY hot.  I am going to get a second thermometer and see if I can find a happy medium. 
I will have to test cure some clay pieces and see if I can find that 'sweet spot' before I unleash it on students.   The last thing you want is to burn someone's project. 

Do you use a toaster oven to cure clay? If so can you share your tips for success in using it. I'd sure appreciate it.

Thanks for stopping by today~ Have a great weekend!  ~ Tammie

Set for just under 275-  and running at 325....


  1. I haven't tried my toaster oven but my regular oven, I found, runs 50 to 75° hotter than i set it. I'm surprised dinner never gets burned in there!

  2. Great find, Tammy. I use my convection toaster over with a thermometer like you have here to set the temp. It runs hot so 275F runs up to 325F like yours. I keep it set somewhere close to about 201F or 96C and on the second thermometer it holds at 275F for me. I like the convection because the air heating seems to help clay bake evenly. I also put a small tile inside, either to bake on or under the rack, to help hold the temp more evenly. It seems to work for me. I also cover clay for baking and it has reduced the amount of scorched clay if the temp happens to run a tad high. Of course, it's hard not to burn at 325. I know from experience! LOL Good luck with your class.


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