Throwback Tuesday: Craft Show Display Then and Now

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 Hello Friends~ 
There hasn't been much thrifting at TTE lately so instead I share a  'Throwback' post. These photos show the evolution from my very first craft show in March of 2011 to the present.  The second & third pictures are my booth at the Gosport Arts Festival from this past weekend [May 10-11 2014].  It may sound corny, but it astounds me ~ to see the growth and transformation in just 3 years.  I have always been 'artsy crafty' but never in my wildest imagination would I have envisioned that I would become a actual 'artist' making a small income from art.  
So without further ado: 

March 2011 - elementary school gym, tables borrowed from a friend

May 2014 - This was taken before I hung my new banner seen below
My new banner with custom logo


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