Thrifting Thursday 12/12/13 Jackpot!

It's the holiday season... a late Thanksgiving which rolls into Advent and then Christmas is here before you know it. Between shows and family obligations there has not been a lot of thrifting going on.

However, I was lucky enough to have some time on Monday after I dropped off an entire new batch of merchandise at Two & a Half Women in Elizabeth City, NC to stop by my new favorite 'treasure' shop- The Nesting Cottage, in Camden, NC.  They have a huge bin of bits, parts and stuff which I like sifting through for inspiration and goodies.

 Lots of nice heavy vintage chain, a cool cuff [that is missing its focal] I think I will repurpose with a resin center, orphan earrings, broken brooches and other doo-dads I am very excited about. I also love the scottie and zebra pins in the bottom right corner.  Those may just find their way onto a lapel of mine.  About 2 pounds of fun for just $10~ What a steal!

Alas, these treasures will have to wait till January to see what they will be in their next life, I have cookies to bake, halls to deck and gifts to wrap.....
Have a great week,
Warm Regards,


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