Thankful Thursday 12/19/13 Food for the Poor

I love what I do. Creating and being a 'maker' is extremely fulfilling to me.
I am truly blessed in every way I can think of.  I have all my needs not only met but exceeded.
I have never know true hunger, want or pain. I have my faith, love of my family, my health, and so much more. This fact is not lost on me, through out the year but most especially at the holidays.

There are multitudes of people however for whom want, hunger and disease are a way of life. So a little over three years ago I decided to devote part of my vocation to helping those people.
I heard a priest speak at our parish a few years ago and from there Food For the Poor became my charity of choice. [Click here for the original post -to hear the story that touched my heart]

This Advent I have been fortunate to exceed my Lenten goal from earlier in 2013 I sold rosaries, wall crosses and rosary bracelets.  I am humbled and thrilled to send FFTP a check today for $150.00!

This is wholly because of the generosity of friends and patrons of TTE Designs.  I sincerely THANK YOU!

I am taking the next few weeks off of creating. I want to spend time with family baking cookies, watching Christmas movies and just relaxing and being together.

Please check back after the New Year to see what exciting things are coming to TTE Designs.
THANK YOU, GOD BLESS YOU, and best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a very prosperous 2014!


  1. Congrats on continuing to support such a worthy program, Tammie, and may all the Blessings of Christmas fill your home with Peace, Love and Joy!


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