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Pinterest, what a great tool!
As I now wear my glasses full time [it seemed so silly to have to use readers over contact lenses] and I haven't had a new pair in about 5 years, I am on the hunt for a new, flattering, "I'm still cool in my own mind" pair of specs.  Artsy, yet traditional, youthful, yet chic......

I love all things vintage, so I am totally digging the 50/60's look cat's eye shape>>>
 But as I still want my darling husband to be attracted to me and he says 'yuck' to those I am in search of some alternatives.

Me in Jr. High- those are some BIG glasses [circa 1976]

What I DON'T want to look like in glasses -lol
What I think I look like in glasses now that I'm a 'mature' woman

Gallery 2: Glasses That Aren't Blackred 'wayfarer'semi rim-lessGallery 2: Glasses That Aren't BlackGallery 2: Glasses That Aren't BlackGallery 2: Glasses That Aren't Blacktortoise shell framesGallery 2: Glasses That Aren't BlackTortoise shelleyeglasses for oval face shape
What do you think??  Do you wear glasses daily?  Which ones do you like?  Helpful advice appreciated....


  1. I feel your pain. I live with my readers stuck on top of my head but I really should get some actual real prescription glasses at some point. But how in the world can I pick a frame? What if I hate that style after a week? What if I change my mind? Sigh. Decisions. And I don't now if this would be cost effective, but a lot of my friends buy their frames online at and because they're cheap they have several frames in different styles just for fun. Might be an idea there! The last ones I got for my kids cost way more than they should have!

    1. Thanks Ginger, I'll look into zennioptical. I use progressives and have been looking for about two weeks now and CANNOT decide to save my life, but my current pair has failed me twice in that time and is currently held together now only by sheer luck... :-D


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