November in America, is about Thanks and Thanksgiving.  I am grateful for so many things in my life, I am blessed with health, love, enough to eat and a warm place to lay my head. Really in the big picture those are things all humans crave and many do not have enough of.

  Little things make you thankful too. Last week I was very humbled, pleased and grateful to the now 102 lovely people who chose to follow my blog 'TTE Designs'.  In honor of their gracious agreement to join me on my blogging journey I wanted to give a gift to one lucky winner.
  I make a lot of different types of things, beaded jewelry, altered dominoes, mixed medium creations, 'repurposed' [aka thrift] creations and polymer clay jewelry & home decor. It was tough to pick just one thing to represent my line. I decided on a polymer clay pendant set. I chose this set for a couple reasons but mainly because the focal is a 'century bead'. This is made from clay I used in a series of recent creations. Century beads are made by swirling a ball of clay at least 100+ times between 2 pieces of glass. It makes a bi-cone shaped bead which I then press into a lentil shape. I thought since century = 100, this would be the perfect gift.
I decided to use and to count backwards, so without further ado.... Lucky #55 step forward!  Who is she?? Melinda Abrahamson, come on down! I sent Melinda a message, I hope she replies soon :-)
I thank all of you who have supported me this far in my blogging & creating, your encouragement has spurred me on in ways unimaginable to me just a year or two ago.  Have a Happy Monday and a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Warmest Regards,

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  1. Lucky Melinda!
    Beautiful work, you're century bead is fantastic!

  2. Wow! Tammie, thank you. I have replied to your post on Facebook. I am just blown away by the beauty of that set. Hooray!


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