Wednesday Chuckle....

I saw this cartoon in the paper recently and couldn't help but take a bit of comic liberty with it.  Once 'corrected' I think it is quite appropriate for our household.    :-)

****Remember the Artisan Whimsy Holiday Market is still in session.
I only have 12 participants so far in my giveaway so odds are in your favor.
It's easy to enter,

1. "Like" my TTE Designs Face Book Page  [If you are already a fan you are set]
2. Check out the "New & Available Inventory" photo album pictures
3. Go back to the  original Artisan Whimsy blog post and leave a comment about the item you like best.

VOILA' you're in!

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Have a Happy Wednesday!


  1. Beads ... beads ... they're good for your heart.

  2. My mom clips these out and mails them to my kids. They love reading them, and getting them in the mail. Thanks for the chuckle!

  3. I am already a fan and I love the wine glasses and your keepsake boxes!


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