NC Road Trip!

Happy Monday! Hope your Turkey Day was relaxing and fun. We hosted 2/3 of my husbands family this year and it was a blast.
 On the Tuesday prior to Thanksgiving I convinced my 'Creative Bead Chat/Artisan Whimsy/ Bead Soup' cyber friend  Shelley Turner to accompany me down over the NC border to an artists consignment shop called "Two and a Half Women" in Elizabeth City, NC.  
Interestingly enough, we both have pieces here, but Shelley has always handled her business long distance and had never visited the 'brick and mortar' shop.  
This darling store just opened in June of 2012 and already has over 100 artists and is establishing a reputation as the place to go for unique, quality, artisan crafted items and lovely antiques.  
Shelley and I spent the drive down getting to know each other better, ignoring the GPS and both generally chatting away nonstop :-)  
I think the shop was a pleasant surprise for Shelley, as the pictures on Facebook just don't do it justice. Tina Clancy, the owner, has done a great job of merchandising the vintage hardware store into a mecca for all things creative.  We both enjoyed shopping and merchandising our new items and then after a quick stop for a coke headed back north to VA.  Thanks for a fun day, Miss Shelley. 
See mandatory MUG SHOT below  LOL :-) 
Warm Regards,


  1. It WAS fun...have your ears recovered?! I was pleasantly surprised with the shop and am very happy you convinced me to go (love a road trip, especially a short one). Hope you dragging me to the craft fair in February works out as well!


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